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Sketches and Other Important Stuff



To all my friends who told me I had to get an Instagram, (@mike_centeno, @diegosl, @alvarezgales, and whatever osvaldo’s handle is) I hope you are entertained! via Instagram

Day 1

I am the worst at daily drawings.


-new scanner
-new printer
-new light pad
-new drafting table

Sewing project 3: using a metal zipper.

Lesson: basically I just wanted to try to make a small bag for my sewing essentials, instead of pulling them out one by one. No lining, because who cares. also experimenting with only boxing the bottom corner. adding zipper tabs was a good idea too. 

Sewing project 2: add pockets to skirt

Lesson: This is awesome. I used this tutorial ( and it worked LIKE A CHARM. YEAAS. POCKETS IN EVVVVVERYTHING. I know it doesn’t matter, but when I cut the 4 sides of the pockets, one is upside down. Now I have a use for all those cute but small scarps I hold onto. 

Sewing project 1: John Waters Pillow.

Lesson: Next time, make the print smaller so it can fit on the pillow with a margin. Also, if you don’t have enough of one color edging, use two and pin a lot!

Latest BBBS is on ISSUU. 

READ IT AND WEEP (because it really is a touching issue about getting married)


From on high, Cloud Gate



Beach Day before we left Boston. 

My mom’s first project for us. Not a great photo, i know. But a poster for her hospitals education campaign: core measurements to improve on.

Mike did the drawing, I did the color and text.

It has been a ~*~crazy~*~ week. Packed up a U-haul, drove two days from Boston to my rural hometown of Grantfork, IL. The day after we got there, we went to a wedding, and a family reunion the day after that. Mike went dove hunting with my dad and brother. Now we’re starting to get a little settled.

We’ll be in Chicago from Sept 9-13th to check out some jobs/apartments. Life is happening!

Hey, my name is Marina and I'm from Montreal. I few months ago, in Boston, I stepped into a Buffalo Exchange thrift store and fell in LOVE with your bloop tee (Obviously, I bought it) + it's my favorite tye-die of all time. Thought I'd let you know; keep up the good work! PS: Glitter tag = epic

Oh my god. That is so AWESOME. Thank you for tracking me down! I am taking over fashion, one thrift store at a time, glitter tags and all.